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Why Do I Need A "Daylight" Headlight Harness?

by Jeep Cables 01 Jan 2023

What does the headlight harness do? The headlight harnesses is to replace the existing headlight wiring to provide higher voltage to headlights that make them brighter - or if you’ve replaced lights to higher voltage lights. We named it Daylight because it provides brighter light - like daylight.

It’s made out of 14ga OEM automotive grade wiring and we build them ourselves here in Vancouver, Washington- USA. We started building them because there is a cheaper Chinese version on the market that is unreliable and had a lot of people complaining. We figured since we do wiring we could build a better one. 

What's the extra wire sticking out? It’s a pigtail for factory fog lights. We had some feedback from a few folks that they need to connect their fog lights and they’d have to modify the harness to add that piece in. Since we build them in-house we decided to just add in the connection – it makes it easy if you have factory fogs and it’s no biggie if you don’t have them, just don’t connect it (wrap a little electrical tape around it to secure it in place).

Check out this great install video from Austin at Out Jeeping. This video walks through the install and why the headlight harness helps improve your light output.


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