When I first got my 99 XJ (this one is my 4th), I was having trouble starting occasionally. I did the normal stuff: battery, starter, new lugs… none of it was having an improvement….still slow, sluggish cranking. I took a look at the cables to the starter, and found that the wire inside the jacket was covered in corrosion, likely from the years of wear and weather. Having a background in electrical maintenance, I knew that the corrosion was causing increased resistance in the cabling, which popped up especially when I went to start.

With this, I started looking for new cabling from Mopar…. nothing. Jeep just wasn’t stocking these parts anymore. So I took this and decided to make my own. I installed them and showed them off, and those people wanted a set of their own, and in turn they showed their friends who also wanted a set… and JeepCables was born.

Since I’m pretty details oriented, and focused on specifications, I found a superior cable that was better than plain old “welding cable” and carried a SAE automotive rating.. I found battery terminals that were made bigger and beefier than the parts store ones. The heat shrink is a MIL rated adhesive lined product to keep out the mud and water a Jeep will see. The fuses are a user-serviceable part, just in case a trail “oopsie” happens, your rig is protected.

It’s why I say “quality, uncompromised”, these cables reflect my personal desire to provide the very best product to my customers.

Handmade in the USA, where quality still matters.

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