FORD-9097-2/0G-7.3DIESEL90, FORD-9097-2/0G-7.3DIESEL, RAMG3-0205-1/0G-5.9DIESEL, RAMG3-0205-2/0G-5.9DIESEL, RAMG3-0205-1/0G-6.7DIESEL, RAMG3-0205-2/0G-6.7DIESEL, RAMG3-0609-1/0G-5.9DIESEL, RAMG3-0609-2/0G-5.9DIESEL, RAMG3-0609-1/0G-6.7DIESEL, RAMG3-0609-2/0G-6.7DIESEL, RAMG2-9498-1/0G-5.9DIESEL, RAMG2-9498-2/0G-5.9DIESEL, RAMG2-9802-1/0G-5.9DIESEL, RAMG2-9802-2/0G-5.9DIESEL, RAMG4-1018-1/0G-6.7DIESEL, RAMG4-1018-2/0G-6.7DIESEL

Dodge Cummins Diesel - 3rd Gen Battery Cable Kit (2002-2009)

(NOTE: Some 06-09 will have a 90* connection at the starter, some will have a straight connection. Be sure to let us know in the...
Vendor: JeepCables.Com
SKU: RAMG3-0205-1/0G-5.9-6.7DIESEL
Availability: In Stock
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Year: 02-05
Engine: 5.9 / 6.7
Size: 1/0
Subtotal: $310.50
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